From building an API to serve the model to containerizing and deploying it as a service.

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In this post you will find out how to:

  • Create simple API routes using FastAPI
  • Wrap up an ML package using docker
  • Deploy it as a service using Cloud Run

One the neatest things about Machine Learning projects is to be able to serve them as a service whether on-premise or cloud platforms. In this story, I’m going to cover a walkthrough of the steps to create a backend code for serving a simple computer vision model. I’ll be using for this purpose, FastAPI for our model API, GCP SDK for blob storage interaction…

Feed-forward artificial neural networks that are closely related to kernel density estimation (KDE)

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Probabilistic neural networks (PNN) are a type of feed-forward artificial neural network that is closely related to kernel density estimation (KDE) via Parzen-window that asymptotically approaches Bayes optimal risk minimization. This technique is widely used to estimate class-conditional densities (also known as likelihood) in machine learning tasks such as supervised learning.

An overview of computed tomography (CT) processing applied to machine learning powered diagnostic imaging tools.

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Image preprocessing is a fundamental step in any deep learning model building process, especially when it comes to medical images that we heavily rely on such as X-ray and computer tomography(CT). From reading raw DICOM files and anonymizing them to assembly tensor data of the input layer in deep learning networks.

Several machine learning and deep learning applications using medical images still rely on some technologies such as X-ray and computed tomography (CT) for disease diagnosis and prognosis. Building a successful data set using these images depends on image quality aspects such as signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and intensity homogeneities to…

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